Video 1 – Introduction:
Finding the "I" and Integrating a Separate Sense of Self

Note from Connirae

I opened this training in a different way than usual, using the metaphor of couple counseling to speak to current events.

What were these current events? The workshop took place 3 days after the US election of 2016. The results were unexpected, and I didn’t know if participants would have the election on their minds or not.

At the beginning of the training I invited each participant to briefly share his/her outcomes for the training, and quite a few participants spoke of being shocked, frightened or stressed as a result of the election, and hoping the training would help find some peace. (These personal statements have been omitted to respect privacy.)

Perhaps this same metaphor can be useful any time there is divisiveness, with each “side” convinced of its “rightness.”

What’s on this Video

Opening Frames

What is the ego?

Guided Group Exploration:

  • Finding the “I”
  • What is “Awareness”
  • The Experiment

Three Frames for Understanding the Exploration:

  • What Babies Teach Us About Awareness
  • How Do the “I”s Form?
  • The Fist Metaphor



  • Susan

    October 5, 2017

    I’m looking for 1-2 people who would like to do the partnership exercises.

  • MarkH

    November 20, 2017

    hi susan
    me too.

    i also have a qestion. this is my second time round for this video, my question is, given that practice potentially ‘deepens’ experience of the work, how does one practice on your own? the videos didn’t seem to say, even though we are encouraged to use this process before we go to sleep……

    my email is

  • Susan

    December 11, 2017

    Hi, MarkH –
    I haven’t logged in here in a while and just saw your message. Thank you for posting your email – I will be in touch now!


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