Video 9 –
The "Letting Go" Process and Stages of Practice

What's on this Video

The “Letting Go” Process: (Also called "The Attachment/Aversion Process)

  • Demonstration
  • Review of the Steps
  • Discussion

How Wholeness Work Follows Experience
The Stages of Practice


Special thanks to the training participants in the 2016 Boulder Wholeness training,
and to all training participants who continue to learn and explore the Wholeness Work.

Thank you for your interest in Wholeness.

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There are many nuanced choice-points in the Wholeness Work. To learn more about how to apply the Wholeness Work for optimal impact – with yourself and/or with clients – please read the forthcoming book, Coming to Wholeness, by Connirae Andreas, and consider the online and in-person training opportunities available at

NOTE: The book, Coming to Wholeness, is expected to be available Fall 2017.

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