A letter from Connirae Andreas...

The Wholeness Process is intimately connected with my personal life journey...

When people talked of spiritual experiences and ideas, it didn’t seem like something I could experience for myself.

All that changed when I discovered and developed the Core Transformation method, a profoundly effective method for personal change through accessing what some people experience as a “spiritual” core. Now over 80,000 people have been exposed to this method, and there are 111 official Core Transformation trainers around the world, from every continent except Antarctica.

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The Core Transformation method emerged when I decided to work only with people who were seeking a way to deal with their life’s biggest issue, and who had already tried everything else and failed. In attempting to do this, the Core Transformation method came out, naturally. It surprised me, because I noticed that in front of me people were easily discovering a sense of being within that they were describing as love, peace, or oneness. They would call me up afterwards and say, as if telling a deep secret, “Are you aware that this is a spiritual process?”

This set me on a path of investigation. Earlier in my life I had set aside spiritual questions and spiritual seeking as something that “just wasn’t possible for me to know.” So why waste my time. Now I had an experience of something that seemed to be the same as what spiritual teachers and teachings were talking about. What did they know about it? I wanted to find out.

I began to read spiritual texts from gurus of many traditions, and to sit with spiritual teachers. This seeking became intensified when I went through a time of major personal challenge.

Fairly early in this process, I encountered a key spiritual teaching that seemed to be what awakening was all about. People were told that it was an “advanced” teaching — almost nobody “got it.” You had to be ready, and apparently almost nobody was.

But what if it were possible to understand this teaching — not just mentally, but in experience? What if it could be described in a way that anyone/everyone could have access?

Can Enlightenment be taught?

If you don’t already know, my background is in developing and teaching effective methods for personal change in a little field called NLP, which stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. The basis of NLP is what we call “modeling.”

In a nutshell, modeling is when we find someone who can do something excellently and then figure out the exact structure of what they are doing in a precise and specific way, so we can teach it to others. The idea is that everything is learnable, including what appears to be “innate genius.”

NLP began when people modeled some great therapists of the time like Milton Erickson (a pioneer in modern hypnotherapy), Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt therapy), and Virginia Satir (founder of Family therapy). By modeling these great masters, the founders of NLP were able to teach others to facilitate therapy sessions that were equally amazing.

This kind of modeling was my background — it had been my life’s work. But could it be applied to Enlightenment?

A new method?

When I encountered the “key teaching” mentioned above, almost instantly a method came to me. It was a simple and precise, step-by-step way of doing what the spiritual teaching seemed to be pointing to. This is the method you’ll be learning in this program, that is now helping many people resolve their life issues and also experience a gradual transformation of their way of being in the world.

This was quite a few years ago, and a lot of exploring, testing, and refining has gone into it since then, so that I can offer it to you in this form that is easy-to-use, effective, and close to universal in application.

When I first thought of the new method, I immediately tried it out myself. I wondered, “Would I experience something like the great masters wrote about?”

I did experience an immediate shift. However at that time I concluded this “wasn’t it.” and continued searching for “the real way to awakening.”

Why didn’t I think this was the real deal? Firstly, what I experienced just wasn’t what I thought enlightenment would be. I had thought that if this were the “real deal,” I’d be having an instant dramatic awakening, and the life challenges I was facing would all be gone — if not right away, then surely within a week or two. In contrast, the shift I experienced was subtle, and to be honest I wasn’t able to realize its implications at the time.

The second reason is that spiritual teachers I respect were saying “it’s definitely not possible to put Awakening into steps.” We have to give up our desire to do that. They even said, “If it’s in steps, it’s not the real thing.” Often Awakening was described as something that happens through “grace.” And grace was a mysterious thing that we can’t understand. If we try to understand it we just hold ourselves back.

So I continued my search for “the real deal,” sitting with teachers, reading, and more. In this time I had many diverse experiences and was exposed to quite a few “ways”. If giving up steps is what it took to awaken, I was definitely willing to do that. So I let go of all that, and just opened myself to learning and experiencing.

I am thankful for my experience during this time, and will always be grateful for the loving presence of the teachers who have been part of my life, and also fellow seekers. It was valuable to me personally, and threads from some of this searching are in the process you will gain access to here.

However, as time went on, it became clear to me that neither me, nor the others in the spiritual groups and retreats, were getting the “instant enlightenment” I’d hoped for.

I periodically returned to exploring using the new method that had come to me, and increasingly came to trust that something fundamentally useful was happening there.

Gradually I came to see this method as “the real deal” that the spiritual teachers were talking about. Not just a dumbed down version.

However, usually spiritual teachers spoke about it in vague terms — terms most people couldn’t easily understand. Often they didn’t have a method, and if they did it wasn’t as precise or it left steps out. Steps I knew were important to getting complete results.

I started noticing that occasionally people in satsangs had questions I knew the new method could answer more easily and directly. And some who talked about experiencing wonderful spiritual states of bliss didn’t seem to experience much transformation of their life issues. I guessed that for some, if not many, the new method would allow that to happen more easily and quickly.

Increasingly I sensed this method had something to offer. Perhaps a lot to offer. What if these spiritual masters just didn't know how they did it, just as many excellent teachers, artists, and musicians don't have explicit conscious knowledge of what they are doing. What if “grace” is just a word we use to describe something wonderful that we don’t understand? How many more people could benefit if spiritual transformation was easily learnable instead of shrouded in mystery?

So I began working more intensively with the new process that had come to me. Over a period of years, I first used it extensively myself, and then I tested these models and techniques with many others: initially just with friends, and then with clients, and more recently in live trainings.

The results were that people were getting it, especially if they continued to practice the methods I had taught them. They weren’t just learning spiritual ideas or concepts, they were getting the nonconceptual spiritual changes that the great masters of old and the living teachers I had studied with were talking about.

Often these changes were subtle and gradual, as I experienced. Other times dramatic. But they were always positive, and very fundamental to how we experience the world. And they were dependable--if someone used the Wholeness principles as intended, and used it as a simple practice over time, they would reliably experience these shifts.

A new model, a new process, a new way of working.

This new model and set of methods for spiritual development I’m calling The Wholeness Process. It’s the most effective, simple, and direct method for what I think the spiritual masters are pointing at when they talk about Enlightenment or Awakening. And because it’s just the how-to, it’s free from guru-worship, dogma, or weird beliefs.

And it’s also not separate from personal development or therapy. You can use this method to work on your “issues” too, no matter what the issue is. It’s been effective for people with chronic sleep issues, with sticky relationship problems, and troublesome emotional triggers, as well as deep stuff that no other method helped with. It even stopped my husband’s pre-migraine aura, much to his surprise! (He’s not really into this spirituality stuff either.)

The Wholeness Process is also great as a daily meditation, not just as “problem-solving.” In fact, the way this method works isn’t really about fixing things — it’s more about experiencing things as they actually are. And that turns out to be both wonderful and ordinary at the same time. Using this method over time can fundamentally change your relationship to the world — it has for me, and I share more about that in the online training.

Now it’s important to note that if you learn and practice this method, you won’t become a perfect being who has special powers and is happy all the time. It hasn’t happened that way for me. You will find however that many of your problems dissolve or fade away as you practice over time…but life still contains challenges — it’s just that they become easier to deal with. This isn’t a magic pill, it’s a practice. I’ve been practicing for many years now, and I experience both a dependable continuing deepening, and that there is more to do.

8 hours of online video training.

The Wholeness Process training with Connirae Andreas

I noticed that when I taught this method to others, they were deceived by its simplicity. They didn’t really get the full benefits unless they really learned and practiced all the ways you could work with it. I could teach you the essence of this method in under an hour, but to really get how you can awaken to the fullness that is possible for you, its important to discover and practice all the subtleties.

To help others experience the benefits of this approach, I had a live workshop professionally recorded and made into 8 hours of video plus helpful handouts that are available here on this membership website. There are no videos to download and no physical DVDs to scratch or lose. You just log into the site and you can watch as many times as you’d like, for life.

There’s more information on this page about this program and this method, and you can also contact us if you have more questions. To reach my office manager Duff, click that big red button that says "Support" on the left side of the screen, or email support@realpeoplepress.zendesk.com.

Thank you for reading.

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~Connirae Andreas

p.s. It is my hope that this material supports many more people in discovering the deep happiness, joy and wellbeing already within. And that you can be one of them.

I know that when each of us goes through the kind of transformation this method invites, not only are we more happy and fulfilled, but we naturally become a contribution in the world.

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What's included in this program:

1. The Wholeness Process — The Basic Form

Use this 5-step process to heal and transform emotions that trouble you, with behaviors you want to change. It can even make a difference with physical things. My husband used it for a pre-migraine aura, and was surprised to find it was instantly gone. He didn’t even get a chance to finish all 5 steps!

The way you resolve these issues is by making a simple yet fundamental shift in what we might call your personality structure. This shifting is very gentle, yet the way it happens, you are doing “real change,” in contrast to making changes that might make you more functional in the short run, but at a cost in the long run.

The way this process happens is a precise and specific way of actually implementing several fundamental spiritual principles. As you are “working your issues,” you are also doing what spiritual teachers might call “awakening.” The process gives us a way to directly notice and dissolve what we might call “the ego.”

2. Using the Process as a Meditation

When used as a meditation, the Wholeness Process becomes a gentle daily practice that supports our ongoing evolution. You will learn the adaptations needed for easy meditative use. Those who have struggled with meditation often find this process makes it doable and simple. And it doesn’t need to take extra time in your day. You can do this as you drop off to sleep at night.

3. Reclaiming the Inner Authority

On “Day 2” you’ll learn a new 8-Step process called “Reclaiming the Inner Authority.” This is particularly useful in coming to a natural sense of “flow” in our lives, without subtle needs to please others or gain approval. This method uses a range of experiences (including embarrassment, shame, guilt, need to please others, and need for approval) as a gift which enables us to come to greater Wholeness.

What we access and transform through this method is something that for most people is way out of conscious experience. While this pattern utilizes Wholeness Principles, it works with a different aspect of our personality structure than can be reached with only the Basic Wholeness Form.

4. Integrating What’s Missing

This process uses the principles of the Wholeness Process in a new way, which results in our feeling more whole and complete, as we are. “Neediness” in many forms tends to melt away. This makes it easier to have relationships based on positive things — how we complement and appreciate and enjoy each other — instead of hoping that another person, or life circumstance, will somehow “complete” us.

This program is more than learning a new set of techniques. You’ll also learn the underlying principles that make this process so simple, precise, and effective. After the training, you may notice that understanding these change principles adds richness and clarity to your work with other change processes as well.

Includes 9 handouts. You’ll receive a detailed handout for each of the four formats. Plus 5 additional handouts helping you understand the subtleties of this work. Included is a handout outlining the underlying schema of the wholeness work, making it possible for you to flexibly use wholeness principles to flexibly adapt to each person and situation.

What people are saying about The Wholeness Process:

"I was facing a high-stress situation that affected my ability to think clearly, engage with people, sleep… The process helped me gain a perspective that both opened my heart and allowed me to feel more peaceful, even neutral. I went from feeling jittery to feeling level, and was then able to be a better resource to myself and to others in that same situation."

—Nonprofit Executive Director, NLP Master Practitioner

“[After doing the Wholeness Process with this issue] I wasn’t looking for the acceptance and recognition from others in the office, as I did before. And yesterday my girlfriend started arguing with me, and I noticed I didn’t feel attacked. It was nice because before I felt her arguing was like an attack to me, like disapproval from her of me. Now it’s totally different. I was calm, and I didn’t react. I didn’t have the need to defend myself.”


“I’ve felt a really big difference. I can deal with conflict better, and I feel creative about how I deal with things. I can sleep more soundly, more solidly. Before I would often wake up and things would be on my mind, bothering me. If I do this process I am peaceful before going to sleep, and then I sleep a lot better.”

—Senior in college dealing with grad school applications & interviews

“It’s made a difference at home and at work. I’m just not being dragged into dramas as easily. I have the feeling ‘It will work out fine.' Things don’t pop up as much. And when they do it’s easier to deal with. It’s easier to relax.”

—Single mother of two children

"The wellbeing that comes through this process isn't dependent upon success, or having the right relationship, etc. And yet when we are living from this kind of authentic wellbeing, life does tend to go better. We can more naturally make a valued contribution in the world, and we more easily attract people we want to be around, (and enjoy those we might not have enjoyed previously)."

—Connirae Andreas on The Wholeness Process

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Life becomes easier when you learn and practice these methods.

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Meet Connirae Andreas:

Connirae Andreas is an internationally known trainer and developer of NLP whose work has helped define and broaden the field. She is best known for her development of the groundbreaking Core Transformation process, a method of gentle and profound transformation through accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence, for her developments in language patterns (Advanced Language Patterns audio series), grief resolution, timelines, parenting, Aligning Perceptual Positions, and more.

Connirae has been a key influence in bringing NLP into greater public awareness (she and partner Steve Andreas created the classic Bandler-Grinder books Frogs into Princes, Trance-Formations, Reframing, and more). Connirae and Steve are also known for improving the quality of NLP training worldwide as their NLP Training Manuals, books, and learning materials have become templates for many trainers around the globe. Their work has been translated into over 15 languages.

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