Video 2 – The Core
State Exercise

In This Video

  • 00:10 - Setup for Demonstration
  • 02:12 - Demonstration: Core Transformation, Phase I
  • 14:25 - Demonstration: Core Transformation, Phase II
  • 21:08 - Questions
  • 30:50 - Core State Exercise: Step-by-Step
  • 35:05 - Recognizing Core States
  • 39:09 - Exercise: Core Transformation Phases I and II
  • 40:19 - Discussion Between Exercise Rounds
  • 43:57 - After Exercise: Discussion



  • williamfields31970

    February 23, 2018

    I’m looking forward to doing this with my speech when I am in a frustrated state or situation. I have three such examples from today alone. My recent experiences have taught me just not to “lash out” the way I use to. Basically when you’re in prison and you just say what you want on your mind without any filter the consequences can be violent and severe. So that just taught me to refrain. Although it doesn’t really change the core state it’s more of a cognitive enforced modification. So in my specific instances today I just didn’t say anything abusive, but the frustration and desire to “say my piece” caused irritation for a while. Using this process I may operate from a core state where the desire or stress from the is removed and have a more eloquent or steward of peace to run my communication.

  • Connirae

    February 24, 2018

    Hi William, This is a beautiful thing you are expressing, and it touches me. Yes to this! When we work with our frustration, and desire to speak, and get to the core state of this aspect of our being, then this Core State allows us to both be clear and strong in expressing ourselves, yet from this peaceful place where we aren’t judging others but just being clear. And we are more likely to get good results this way too.:)

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