Handouts and audio tracks.

You can download all the handouts here, as well as the audio from the videos.

F or your convenience, from this page you can get access to Three Things:

  • All of the course handouts in a single packet. Note that if you simply go through the course video by video, you'll receive each handout right when you need it (and when the live participants received them). The first handout is on the page for Video 6. However, if you want to download and print them all at once, you can do so on this page. They probably won't make any sense until you watch the corresponding videos though!
  • Updated Wholeness Work Manual for Days 1 & 2. Connirae has revised the teaching somewhat in her current live trainings. She is making the current manual available to you as well. You'll notice she's changed the way she teaches the first process, added a few things, and made all of the handouts more "user friendly". Hope you enjoy them! [Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find this file.]
  • Audio of this training. Some people requested audio tracks from the videos so they can listen while driving, exercising, gardening, etc. Here they are! The .zip file containing those tracks is very large (1.18GB), so please make sure to download it to a laptop or desktop computer before unzipping, and then move to a mobile device if you want. Downloading directly to a smartphone or tablet often causes problems.


The 2016 Wholeness Training Manual (Days 1 & 2)

Below you can download Connirae's most recent Wholeness Participant Manual for the first two days of Wholeness Training.

The main improvements are...

  • Now each of the Exercise Formats has a word-for-word script for each step. It means you have an easy-to-use guide to the process, and you can have confidence you're using a wording that works well.
  • The "Working with an Issue" format is redesigned to more closely match what I actually do with individual clients. It also gets stronger results this way.
  • There is some added information. You'll find more on "how the process came to be",  and a section on how this process offers something unique compared to mindfulness training. She added a chart on the differences between sensation quality and meaning/interpretation, and improved the "3 directions of integration" page.

We hope you find the new handouts helpful!