Unit A –
The Foundation for it All

Your Video Controls

At the bottom right of the video player you'll see:
Vimeo player options

Adjusting Volume: The blue bars show your volume level. Click on the bars to adjust volume.

Video Quality: For best image quality, click the "HD" to turn on "High Definition" video. (If the letters "HD" are blue, you are already viewing HD video.)

Playback Without Buffering: If your movie stops frequently to buffer, the download speed of your internet connection may be too slow for HD streaming. Solution: Click on the letters "HD" and watch in Standard Definition. HD is turned off when the letters "HD" appear in gray.

To Watch in Full Screen: Click on the 4 arrows pointing outwards to expand the video to full screen. Click again to exit full screen, or press the Escape (esc) key on your keyboard. You'll need to exit full screen to go to the next video.

Handouts: The handouts are spread throughout the course, just when you need them so you don't get distracted. The first handout is on video 6, and you can download and print each of them.

Click on Video 1 below to begin the training. After the first video you can just click on the green "Next Video" button.

The Wholeness Process / Unit A – The Foundation for it All