Video 1 –
Two Paths to Enlightenment

What do spiritual teachers mean when they talk about "Awakening"
or "Enlightenment"?

While Enlightenment is spoken about in many ways, two themes occur frequently. The Wholeness Process will embrace both of these themes or paths to Enlightenment.



  • Greg Turner

    March 3, 2014

    My idea of enlightenment (arrived at after much study and hanging out with a couple of enlightened beings) is that it is not so much a dissolving of the ego, but rather it is a dissolving of the attachment to the ego or dissolving of the addiction to the ego. As one of my teachers said, if a cop pulls you over, you better know who you are and what you are about, in the conventional sense. The ego can arise in awareness when needed. The absence of the ego releases the contraction of awareness, releasing it to experience the intimacy of the 10,000 things.

  • Antonio Perez

    April 13, 2014

    I really like the idea presented that enlightenment is a synthesis of disolving of the ego and being interconnected with everything. My idea of enlightenment is being slightly detached from your ego, as if you could view it from a different perspective. And at the same time being able to feel interconnected with people and nature.

    I have personally experienced ego death via meditation, an out of body experience and psychedleic experiences. When not done correctly it can be a scary thing in my opinion. Thats why I think you need a healthy disconnect and not a total loss of ego.

  • Alex Thomson

    April 24, 2014

    Is it possible that the whole series cannot be viewed on an iPad? I simply get a message saying : can’t be viewed on your present setup. Surely not …

  • Ria Cherie

    April 29, 2014

    “Intimacy with the 10,000 things” resonates with me, because I cannot have that intimacy when my belief systems are blocking my perception of Oneness.

    My view of the ego is that it cannot live (this is bad, they say) or die (this is good; what we want), per se. I see my ego as a barometer of how much I love myself…it is like a pure, innocent, unworldly child…it feeds instantly and profoundly on the food I give it: my thoughts and feelings about myself and my relationship to the world, like one of those programmable toys where the whole point of the game is to take care of it.

    Enlightenment is unification with My Sublime Nature.

  • Paula Morais

    May 17, 2014

    Enlightenment, for me, is made up of a series of enlightenments, of small letting goes,small discoveries and sometimes there is a profound shift, when we start looking at things from a curious, discovery perspective, from kindness and acceptance of oneself and the other as we are.

  • Mark

    June 26, 2014

    “To know The One Thing, is to know The 10,000 Things”
    Ancient Japanese Maxim

    What is, The One Thing?

    (Temet Noscoe [Know Thyself])

    ‘Yugyozanmai’: Japanese (from Zen), ‘Oneness with All-‘Things’ in The Universe…..(‘All-‘Things’ in The Universe, aka, The 10,000 Things)

    A Zen Master (Roshi) walks up to a Hot Dog Vendor on the streets of New York.
    The Hot Dog Vendor asks him…’What’ll ya have buddy?”
    The Roshi smiles and says…”I’ll have, One With Everything”.

    Great start Connie Rae, can’t wait for the rest!

    warmest regards,

    Roshi Mark

  • Sean Corvin

    January 18, 2015

    False personality and essence is a similar way of thinking about ego and oneness. The parts created by association to and observation of people and their situations develops and forms the personality at the expense of our essence. Essence wasn’t born out or an environmental demand, it was there already although increamentally hidden by the layers of I’s (parts). If essence is oneness, our connection to everything then it makes a lot of sense that through core transformation you can take a part to its core state and feel profoundly at one with everything.

  • Barbara Sweet-Hansen

    December 19, 2016

    Enlightment, for me is the ability to contemplate fully; to be fully aware… to see differently… to know differently.

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