Video 3 –
What is Awareness?

"Awareness" defined.

The word “Awareness” is commonly used as if we all understand what it means. Yet it can evoke very different experiences for different people.

Connirae shares a specific meaning for this word, and invites you to sense into the experience. Experiencing Awareness in this particular way is important for the Wholeness Process to work.



  • Jennifer deGandt

    March 4, 2014

    Awareness for me goes with a sudden alertness that has definite K shifts: a freer breathing, a sense of the spine snaking up along its length and a strange sensation in my ears as if they are tuning in to a signal like the first violin signaling to all the instruments in the orchestra.

    Secondly, my eyes follow and free up to go into inner or outer sight.

    The expansion into space without an edge then ripples out beyond and around any people I am in contact with; The outside beats to the same rhythm as my breath.

  • hagai sofer

    March 6, 2014

    agin i am awaretio mny things – what i see the things that r outside, my feeling inside,when i close my eyes i can like move some ebrgy around my body
    but again
    what r we speaking of here – how would i know that we are on the same page?
    how would i know that this is the awarneess that is fruitfull?
    so many opting
    where to focus
    what to choose from it?

    what is the excpectation? what are we spaking about
    if i would know that i will know it when i feel it it sould be answer – to wait for it to come.. but here i am confused

    where sis the i thAT IS confused?

    some moving enegry inside thee chest thAT TO TRY TO GO to differnt locations at the same time right than left than up tham againg up etc..

  • Maarten Aalberse

    March 14, 2014

    It’s funny how at one time it’s so easy for me to get this sense of awareness, and at other times (probably more in a « trying to grasp » mode – which doesn’t work very well, here 😉 it’s so elusive.

    Here’s one way that I found helpful at such times (Ok, ok, it would be a good idea to take this « wanting to grasp » as theme for the process) :

    After having found the localisation of « it » and then « I », I sense into « what’s between I and it ». This usually is easy to do for me. And when I get a sense of that « field between », it becomes clear that this field is not just « between » but « all around…

  • Antonio Perez

    April 13, 2014

    Its a little harder for me to point a finger to where my awareness is. Its definitely some kino sensations in my body. Its almost as if these sensations (that are really similar to the sensations of “I”) kind of expand out like a radar. Yet its like I’m in a closed off bubble with my attention always focusing on me or what I’m doing and not paying attention to my surroundings.


  • Steve Cowie

    April 28, 2014

    Internally, I’m aware of my breath and pulse travelling through me. Externally I am aware of the high noise in the room and low light and also a ‘sense’ of the house inside.

  • Ria Cherie

    May 17, 2014

    I think this topic is about spacial awareness..?..because of the sentence chosen. If I deprive my sight, I must use my imagination to expand my special awareness. If I listen and hear nothing vs hearing noises from far off getting closer, then I have different input to use to make a more detailed model of what I’m aware around me, whether in the 5 feet around me, 5 miles, or 5 light years. Are you saying that awareness is, ‘if I sense something, I am in that moment aware of it’…or, ‘if it comes to mind, then I’m aware of it’…or…?

    • Connirae

      May 18, 2014

      There will be more about this as the training goes along, Ria. I think you’ll get an increasingly full experience of this Awareness. It’s the capacity to be aware of something that’s throughout our bodies and all around us, that I’m going for here. And we all have this capacity to experience that’s really automatic and effortless. It just is. Experiencing this is usually easier when you don’t become too focused on whether or not you have the best definition for it. When we are focused on a definition, we aren’t actually experiencing the awareness, which can be experienced as a field all around, with no real end to it. So if instead you just let yourself follow the guiding questions, let yourself experience it however you do, following the voice tone, it’s likely to work more easily.
      If this is still difficult, then, as we’ll discuss later on in this training, what usually works is to find the “i” who is trying to figure it out. (Or however you might describe what you are doing in the moment.) Hope this helps.

  • Ria Cherie

    May 17, 2014

    spacial, not special (spellcheck.)

  • Ria Cherie

    May 28, 2014

    ty 🙂

  • Paula Morais

    May 31, 2014

    I feel the breathing, the body pulsating, the noises around me, the sense of my sitting position, the spine, the smell, the air on my skin, the birds, voices in the distance… the I is mixed with everything, there isn’t a this is me and this is the outside, everything is intertwined.

  • Lorraine Bourque

    August 28, 2014

    It is true I am just beginning to view the “Wholeness Process” videos. I am amazed at the pertinence of the process. And especially, I enjoy the quality of the flow and the centered presence demonstrated by Connirae. Years have gone by since I last saw Connirae and was taught the Core Transformation Process in the 1990’s. I still love this process and find it just as pertinent as when she first presented it. And again she is creatively leading us in another process which is easily accessible and lends itself not only to many venues but also to real spiritual enlightenment if we so wish. I find it really full of promises. So much so, that myself and two of my colleagues who love the CT process have registered to attend Connirae’s presentation of the “Wholeness Process” in New York. We think that being there with her is worth traveling the distance and leaving the comfort of our homes. Hope that many others will make the same decision.

    Lorraine Bourque, New Brunswick, Canada

    • Connirae

      August 29, 2014

      I’m so glad you’re doing this program, Lorraine! And I look forward to having you at the New York live training. It will be great to connect in person again.:)

  • Barbara Sweet-Hansen

    December 19, 2016

    I am “aware” is an attention or a contemplation, with all my senses…I see, hear, smell, taste, feel, intuit, sense…

  • Laurent HUGUET

    September 12, 2017

    Hi Connirae, here is my feed-back ….followed by a kind of “personal” framing my feed back:

    Looking for-Finding-creating the “I” 😉

    There is no “I” in my awareness, there is just awareness !
    Then if i insist and force a little bit, if i intent to be an i , then kind of appears a sort of felt-light in the middle of my chest, but not to be dissolved in awareness because this “felt-light in the middle of my chest” IS awareness in my body.
    Awareness itself is not something nor somebody, not a perceiver-perceiving of this felt-light, not a feeler-felt-seen-light IT IS this very “felt-light”.
    If (i) nevertheless still look for another “I” (who could be the perceiver-feeler of this felt light), I am right back in just awareness being this felt-light in the center of my body ( without being my body or anything in my body).

    A kind of “personal” framing my feed back:

    In 1968, sitting in a public Garden, reading a book, all of a sudden, nothing of what I was seeing-hearing-feeling change, everything still stay exactly the same, everything still “existed”, but everything (“me” included) loose its “reality”.

    What a relief ! But also a kind of lack of, at that time I did not know exactly what.
    This powerful “no-event” decided of my whole life. From there I was in search of this “missing reality”.

    In 2006, evidence was there: there is but reality.

    From 1968 to 2006, I explored lots of traditional and modern practice.

    In 1985 a trainee (involved in “tibetan psychology”) ask John Grinder “what about identity?” and John’s answer: “I only know of learning patterns” seemed to me to be more “buddhist than the trainee question about some hypothetical “identity”.

    From 1997 to 2000 working as a NLP trainer at REPERE (Paris, France) I had the chance to assist Tamara in her trainig “Core Transformation Process”. I did enjoy it. So much that I review “Tolerance” – “Core Transformation Process” translation in french and even registered a video-demo of the process that France Camerlynck organised for me along the guidelines you asked for becoming a CTP trainer. But then REPERE was sold and I quit NLP Training and any activities of that sort.

    I did like CTP. I thought something was very near to the real (spiritual) stuff but …not quite, … as if the territory was not very far but the map was wrong . I could feel the perfume of it but could not bath into the verything. As if entering the room from the wrong door. Or as if the locus was right on the spot but not the focus and understanding-realising-knowing. None of these wordings really fit but i kind of feel exactly the same about this “Wholeness Process”.

    I assisted very often Lynn Conwell and she is for me a kind of “sister-in-love”. I mean she was for me sort of a spiritual stowaway among the “outcome monsters” of NLP excellence 😉 … I don’t know you Connirae but i feel a little bit the same with you and your search.. Thank you for your work on the path…

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