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Is Awareness Dissociated? Expanded?

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Q:Is Awareness dissociated or associated?

If you don't know what these words mean, it's fine. You don't need to know this to fully experience and benefit from the Wholeness Process. It is of interest to NLP people because Association and Dissociation is a distinction that matters in many NLP methods.

In NLP, "dissociated" means you are observing yourself in an experience from the outside, almost as if watching someone else. "Associated" means you are reliving the experience from the inside. You can find out more about Association and Dissociation in the book, Heart of the Mind. It's important for the grief process, the phobia cure, and other methods.

Answer: Awareness is very associated. As we do the Wholeness Process, we become capable of a different kind of associated experience that is more complete and full.

Also Discussed in this Segment...

  • The experience of awareness becomes fuller with each ‘I’ that dissolves.
  • Does the 'I' expand?
  • Effort vs. noticing the vast awareness already there.
  • Accurately finding the ‘I’/the perceiver — the difference between where the perceiving is happening from, and what is being perceived.
  • What do you do if the ‘I’ objects to opening and relaxing?
  • Dealing with safety concerns.
  • Inviting the experiment — encouraging the “perceiver” to try out dissolving, knowing it can put itself back.



  • Mark

    June 29, 2014

    In the Eastern Philosophies, particularly Zen, Taoism and Sufism, there are Distinct ‘Orders’ when ‘Framing’ understanding of ‘Awareness’.

    Firstly, there is the Actual existence of the Natural Order/Universe/Cosmos/10,000 Things/Ultimate Reality/World of Form/Tao, or, The Territory. This is what Quantum Scientists would call the ‘Explicate Order’, or, The Unfolded Universe; and includes All the Electro-Magnetic Energy that forms the ‘Electro-Magnetic Spectrum’.

    Secondly, the Physical Senses of the Human Body can ‘Perceive/Sense’, only a TINY fraction of this complete Spectrum. (We have to use ‘Technological Extensions {Instruments} to ‘Detect’ those parts of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum that are beyond our Sensory capacity. Bees can ‘See’ UltraViolet light. Dogs can Hear Ultrahigh frequencies, and so on throughout the animal kingdom). Mistakenly, we call this Limited Perception of the Cosmos; ‘Reality’.

    Thirdly, it is important to note; that these ‘Things’ that we can Perceive have NO inherent Meaning of their Own. We ‘Project’ meaning ONto these ‘Things’, and Act as IF these Projected Meanings are ‘Real(Actual)’. For instance take ‘Colour’. If you look around you now you may see a Red thing, or a Blue thing. However, the ‘Colour’ that you ‘See’ ONLY exists INside Your Experience (Brain/Nervous System). The Red and Blue that you see are the result of Colour Receptors in your eyeballs. In Reality, the External World has NO Colour. And so on, and this leads us to ‘Construct’ Meanings/Beliefs ABOUT our Direct Sensory Perception of Reality, or our ‘Maps’ [Epistemology]. Then, to mistake these Maps for the Territory. It is in this sense that I take Connie Rae to mean that it is better to work with the Sensation during this Wholeness Process, rather than the ‘Meaning’ or ‘Content’ of the issues we are Dissolving. That these Sensations or Feelings exist in our Present Awareness is enough, we do not need to ‘Know’ what they mean in order to be ‘Aware’ of them and invite them to relax into the Fullness of our Awareness.

    The state achieved when one notices The Fullness of Awareness, in Zen is known as; ‘Absolute Clarity’ [Ryonen], and in the Japanese Martial Arts as ‘Mushin’ [No Mind]. (I’m laughing out loud now as the concept of having ‘No Mind’ is a complete anathema to our western understanding). As in this Wholeness Process, the State of Clarity of Awareness is attained when we cease ‘Making Maps’ and using those Maps in the Present Moment to ‘Evaluate’ the pure and direct information that our Sensory System is registering. We are ‘Aware’ of all the ‘Things’ that our senses are detecting without attaching ‘Meaning’ to them. We just allow them to BE there.

    A simple Metaphor I’ve found useful is of a Bucket of Muddy Water. If you remove your Hand from a bucket of muddy water and cease ‘Agitating’ it, and just sit there and ‘Watch’ it (with the Fullness of your Attention); the particles of mud in the water will eventually settle on the bottom of the bucket, leaving the water ‘Clear’. Likewise, if you remove the ‘Evaluation’ of your sensory experience [‘Thinking About’ what you are experiencing] and pay Full Attention to All that you are Aware of (In the Present-Moment), you will attain the State of Absolute Clarity, or No Mind. It is in this Way that the State of; The Fullness of Awareness is completely Associated. The Disassociation occurs when we begin to Evaluate our Experience with ‘The Mind {Maps}’. Dr John Grinder, one of the Co Founders of NLP spoke about this Process in his book; ‘Turtles All The Way Down: Prerequisites to Personal Genius’, he called it the ‘Stopping The World State’.

    ‘Awareness/Clarity’ can ONLY happen IN The Present-Moment, as that is WHERE our Direct Sensory Perception is ‘Located’. The great Zen Master Dogen stated that, “Time, goes nowhere. It stays exactly where it is”. The Mental Construct of ‘Time’ as experienced by those who operate with a primarily Western Epistemology is in itself a ‘Delusion'(Mistaken Belief).

    To prove that to yourself directly in your sensory experience, simply take your index finger now, and touch something. Now take your finger and touch something else. Then take your finger and touch another ‘Thing’. These ‘Things’ you have just touched are ‘Real’, they Exist, have ‘Presence’ and ‘Form’. You can ‘Verify’ their existence (and Reality) with your Senses. Now, take your finger and Touch, “The Past”. Now Touch “The Future”. That’s right, you cannot. These are ‘Mental Constructs’ that do not tangibly exist. They are not, ‘Real’. Worry and Anxiety (Fears) are Disassociated ‘States’ in that they are to do with what was or what might be, not, what is happening right now IN The Present. In working with the “I” and “The Fullness of Awareness”, which can only be Experienced in The Present, we are ‘Aligning’ our ‘Being’ with ‘What Is’ (Reality). It is the Alignment of our Core Process (our “I”) with the Oneness (Unity) of All-‘Things’ that are Existing in the Eternal Present Moment that produces Clarity (Awareness), Joy and WellBEing (or, ‘Enlightenment’).

    It is delightful to learn that the Separated sense of self can be reunited with the Wholeness Process. That we can unlearn and reclaim the freedom of BEing we had when we were young. That a Joyful Awareness of Life is easily attainable.

    • Connirae

      June 30, 2014

      Yes, a lot of approaches to either personal or spiritual growth or meditation have talked about this state – of full presence in the moment. What makes the Wholeness Process unique – and effective for me (and I notice for the people I work with also) is that it gives a specific way to notice, include, and dissolve what’s NOT present. And I think that’s essential to actually be able to BE present. If we attempt to go for the stopping the world state without identifying and dissolving our separated sense of self, we aren’t likely to have real congruence about it. What we separated off we’re just ignoring for the moment.

  • DavidChard

    March 28, 2018

    Experiencing association into the ONE? If so, then ‘association’ loses meaning…there is no separate “I” to be associated or dissociated. Losing the “I”…finding the ONE. That’s how I experience this.

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