Video 9 –
Responses, Deepening, Higher Awareness

In this Segment...

Responses from participants…

“It was deeper than I thought…”

“I love the simplicity…”

"I noticed many layers, they kept opening into awareness, like a lotus…”

“This isn’t about solving problems. This is about releasing contractions, so we can be here, fully alive.”

Discussion of:

  • "Higher" and "lower" levels of awareness.
  • With this method we don’t even need to find the positive purpose of each perspective. However, when a perspective is released, it’s as if that positive purpose is now available to the whole. (3:30)
  • We come to this work to solve problems. Our focus subtly but definitely shifts as we use the process. We’re no longer solving problems, we’re just being fully present in this moment. In our alive presence, solutions spontaneously emerge.



  • Jennifer deGandt

    March 17, 2014

    The giving up of meaning-making, in favor of just letting the winds of sensation blow through me, was indeed a blessing. I love it that we don’t have to “know” the positive purpose but that it shifts into the whole without our “doing” it. It is indeed the experience of just existing!

  • Susan Morrison

    April 16, 2014

    This is amazing. I did the process just for 5 or 10 minutes at my computer. The sensation – which was a medium as it just happened – was gone! No content – just being aware of the sensation and trusting what is coming up. The dissolving of the “I” (like fairy dust going down both sides of me and then up through my core in a circle) and my awareness seemed to integrate with the original sensation without me even making an effort. When I went back to the sensation – I was intending to try and integrate this dissolving – I found it was no longer there!

  • Mark

    June 28, 2014

    I’m often asked by those in our Western Culture who know of my travels in the East and with Eastern ‘Spiritual’ masters, what IS, ‘Enlightenment’? My first response is, “It has nothing to do with Photons.” 🙂 I often tell them one of my favourite stories……

    A person seeking Enlightenment went to a famous monastery. They asked to see the ‘Master’, and were directed to a little old man walking along with a walking stick, doubled over by the weight of a large bundle of firewood kindling. Respectfully the seeker approached the old man and bowed, and asked,.. “Roshi, what is the Essence of Enlightenment?” The old man dropped the bundle, dropped his walking stick, stood up straight, relaxed his body, let out a pleasurable ‘Ahhhhh’, and smiled at the seeker for a few moments. Bent over, picked up his stick and the bundle, and kept on walking.

    This Wholeness Process is ‘Spot On The Mark’. We literally, are ‘Lightening’ our Load. Dumping our Baggage. BE-coming, ‘EN-lightened’.

    In his seminal book, “The Tao of Physics”, author Fritjoff Capra explains how Quantum Physicists are now becoming aware of what Eastern Philosophies have been elucidating for over 2,500 years; that ALL ‘Things’ in the Universe are actually the ONE ‘Thing’, which they call, The Quantum Field, the Taoists call the Tao, and Buddhists call Maha. And that all-things are made of Energy that is Electro-Magnetic in nature (Yep, EVERY ‘Thing’).

    It is not that we need to ‘Learn’ anything, rather UN-learn. To ‘Let Go’ of the burdens we place within ourselves with mistaken beliefs about the fundamental nature of our ‘Selves’ and the true nature of the cosmos (We Humans barely perceive through our senses a fraction of the ‘Signals’ that make up the Electromagnetic Spectrum [Universe/Reality]. Our mistake is to believe that ALL we perceive is the entirety of what Really is.)

    The Wholeness Process goes straight to the Core of the Truth of our Existence. That we are indeed ‘One’ with all things in the universe. That our Ideas of ‘Self’ are limiting, and that all we have to do to is ‘Let Go’ and ‘Lighten Up’, and the reward or result will be JOY, and WellBEing. This is both Profound and Ordinary. An attitude reflected by the Founder of Zen when asked about the essence of his new teaching; The Bodhi Dharma [Truth about Enlightenment], he simply replied; “Vast Emptiness. Nothing Holy.” (Vast, pure Awareness that is absolutely ordinary).

    Connie Rae downplays the significance of this Process as a Method for attaining what we in the West call; ‘Enlightenment’. But for those familiar with Eastern Philosophy, she has captured the core essence. Being Aware and Awake to the Experience of the Universe that lies beyond our Egos is the essence of such philosophies. A ‘Buddha’ is merely someone who has done this process of dissolving the Constructed Self (Ego) and Experiences the universe as ‘Awareness’ itself. That is what is meant when they say a Buddha is an; ‘Awakened One’. YOU are a ‘Buddha’! As a baby you were fully connected to this ‘Awareness’, you had your; ‘Buddha Mind’. When you do this Wholeness Process, you are Reacquainting yourself with your Original, Human Nature.

    One refinement or ‘Streamlining’ I would make to this Process is to Learn to run oneself through it WITHOUT using ‘Words’. Using just the remembered specific Feelings associated with ‘The Fullness of Awareness’, ‘The I’ and the ‘Problem State’. ‘Words’ are Constructs of ‘The Mind’, a Way for the Ego to Maintain it’s existence. If the outcome of this process is to ‘Dissolve’ the Ego, then Internal Auditory Representations must also be removed from ones Experience of ‘The Fullness of Awareness’.

    Mark Le SUEUR
    [Zen & Taoist Master, and ‘Living Buddha’ (in Japanese; ‘Sokushin Jo Butsu Gi’)
    [NLP Practitioner (NLP Comprehensive)]
    [NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer (Inspiritive)]

    • Connirae

      June 30, 2014

      Thanks for your comments, Mark! I like your enlightenment story, and your summary of the Wholeness work. Totally agreed about “wordless practice” also. When learning the method, using words – and somewhat precise words, really help. The words make it possible to focus experience in a precise and specific way. Then at some point the words become a detraction because our mind/body system understands already. At that time they would be an extra layer as you are describing. We talk about that later on in the training too. I don’t want people to rush to “get there” — to the wordless phase. But rather to notice what invites the full experience most usefully at any given moment.

  • Samantha Kifer

    July 16, 2014

    As recommended, I picked a mild response to work on: something my husband does that I react to sometimes. As the first “I” was dissolving, I felt a smile come over me and a wave of peace and joy. When I checked the original sensation it was gone, and I was pleased to find in it’s place was a sense of expansiveness, compassion and love. When I checked the original scenario, I just felt a deep love towards my husband even though he was doing the same behavior. When I future-paced to another scenario with the same behavior (I was representing this 2nd scenario more auditorily whereas the first scenario I represented more visually) and I had a bigger response. I did the wholeness process again, and again I found the same deep love and compassion at the end. What a blessing!

    I wonder if the reason I had another reaction in future-pacing is because of the different aspects I was focusing on in my mind to bring about the response (ex: visual vs auditory)? I wonder if it would be valuable to have someone focused on as many aspects of a scenario from the start to get the full response? Either way, I love the underlying spiritual connotation of this technique; getting back to our true essence, being fully present in the moment. I am so glad I came across this and I look forward to learning more!

    • Connirae

      July 23, 2014

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Samantha. A great example!
      And I don’t think you need to try to “get it all” the first time through. The way you did it is lovely.

  • Bodhi Searles

    December 1, 2015

    I am really appreciating this work as a unburdening of the all the notions of “I”. In the non-dual inquiry practice it is often asked….Can the perceiver be perceived?
    or does this awareness come and go? What doesn’t come and go? to be with that which is non-phenomenal….un-born awareness, presence, emptiness. All these concepts and their attendent “I”s dissolve and what is left is undescribe-able and vast, present everywhere, and deeply precious in both it’s timeless essence and time-full expression. In this dissolving a sense of blessing is felt…but by whom? there doesn’t seem to be an entity there at all yet beingness is perceived….a prayer lived….by whom? Can you speak of prayer to us….who is praying, overflowing, when the heart cracks open to see, feel, dissolve into the beloved everywhere….
    thank you soooo much for answering this.

    • Connirae

      December 7, 2015

      Dear Bodhi, “Can you speak of prayer to us… who is praying, overflowing, when the heart cracks open to see, feel, dissolve into the beloved everywhere…” A beautiful question, Bodhi, and is there really anyone separate in that moment when the heart has cracked open, who is praying, and is there anyone that the prayer is to? Sometimes we are in the realm of poetry, when there aren’t any “sensible” words to be said any longer. And we can just experience that we ARE the prayer… we ARE the one being prayed to… at the same time….
      If there is still “one who wonders” who is praying, etc., then of course we can, as loving awareness, notice the location and sensation quality of this “one”, and dissolve into it. And even more heart opening, dissolving into the beloved is experienced.:) XOXO

  • Bodhi Searles

    December 7, 2015

    Thank You….Connirae…this relaxation into what really can’t even be relaxed into because it is already here, whole, timeless, seamless, unbroken….the treasure of being is the treasure. There is gratefullness to You, who has navigated the attention to a distance-less place. Deeply grateful to you

  • DavidChard

    October 17, 2017

    Being fully present in the moment is restorative, renewing. “Ye shall be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” We only need to “go back the way we came” in the words of Ramana Maharshi. Our self-created beliefs separate us from reality, the awareness that we are not separate from All That Is. When we believe war separate, we give birth to the ego. The “higher self” is a non-starter. There is only awareness. And, that Awareness, of the one-ness, is who we are. As babies, we have no sense of ‘separation.” Fresh from the Universe, One-ness is a natural state. Everything else is ‘learned.’ So-called ‘higher awareness’ is a comparative concept that comes from the ego. Every belief we hold is just another example of narrowed attention, contraction, based on separation. It is about releasing contraction, gently, naturally because it takes us back to that baby-state of peace.

  • DavidChard

    October 17, 2017

    When we believe we are separate, not believe war separate. Typo!

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