Video 12 –
Listening in Relationships

The Listening Exercise.

How can using the Wholeness Process make a difference in our relationships with others?

A simple exercise invites us to explore how we can use the Wholeness Process as we listen to another person talk about an emotionally charged topic. Being a good listener is something we are all taught is important. This exercise may completely change your understanding of what this means.

Enjoy the video, and try the exercise out on your own. After watching the video instructions, pause to find someone who is willing to do this exercise with you. We suggest picking a friend or colleague — not a spouse or life partner.

If you do the exercise with a life partner, the first time through make sure each of you picks a topic that doesn’t involve the other person. This will make it easier to stay with the exercise.

Discover in your experience…

  • What your normal mode of listening is.
  • How it’s different to listen to someone else after integrating your usual listening mode.



  • Robert Krijthe

    July 21, 2016

    Hi Connirae,

    When I invited ‘the listening’ I to open and relax in and as the wholeness of awareness I experienced the same openess like ‘the know nothing state’ and beyond that. Just being there with the other person. Fine way to be. Thanks!
    Robert Krijthe
    The Netherlands

  • DavidChard

    March 28, 2018

    What a brilliant listening exercise. I have used a lot of different methods to teach listening, offer new experiences of listening, and, this really has the potential to have people truly listening. An unexpected bonus from this course.

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