Video 17 –
Usual Results & Benefits

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Q:How do we know this isn’t just playing mind games? How do we know this will make a difference?

A: Notice what happens in your daily life. If it's made a difference that is your answer.

More Discussion Points:

  • What remains tense in the body at the end of the day and doesn’t relax — those ARE our issues. What we are able to notice gets more and more subtle as we use this process.
  • When we notice the ‘I’s and dissolve them, we are gradually and fundamentally changing our personality structure. We go from someone with a lot of inner divisions, to an experience of unity.

As this happens, life flows more.

Dramas can happen - I don’t need to participate.

There tends to be more ease, more feeling of OKness with whatever happens. We don’t have to make life go in a certain way to be happy. We are more OK with however it does go.

Connirae shares how this process has made a difference for her. Instead of getting caught up in something, getting buttons pushed, taking things personally, more likely to feel like playfully teasing. More likely to see who the other person is and enjoy them, even if they are coming out of a more contracted place at the moment.



  • Tore Svartjung

    July 1, 2016

    Yes, like Kate I’ve found that there’s more clarity to visual input somehow. I’ve noticed that through the whole program.

    • Tore Svartjung

      July 1, 2016

      And I also have experiences taking things less seriously and joking about stuff that would have caught me. Although, I find that I have to invest about an hour a day, going through this work, to make it last. I appreciate a lot that you talked about this, possible effects. That helps recognize the process.

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