Video 18 –
Contrast to Other Meditation

Questions and Answers.

Q:Is this the same as meditation or different?

A: The short answer is that it’s different from any meditation that has been taught previous to this, however it does what meditation is intended to do.

It can be used as a meditation that goes farther and deeper than meditation usually goes, because it doesn’t just access a state right now. It changes your personality structure.



  • peter taylor

    July 11, 2014

    Hi Connirae thank you! I work with young golfers on the mental side and can see how precise and perfect this would be in the few vital seconds over the ball (to connect with a clear mind) is it applicable in this context as an example I will experiment but would value any pointers The issue is the golfer after making a shot decision has just a few seconds to access this integration ( I don’t mean to trivialise this amazing work just interested In one application) thank you,peter

    • Connirae

      July 11, 2014

      Hi Peter, Yes this method is definitely applicable to what you are talking about. That few seconds when a “clear mind” makes all the difference. I have not worked in your context, but here are my thoughts. With the Wholeness Process, the best way for your golfers to get results is going to be for them to use the method in advance. Use it just as we do with any “issue.” Have them access the moment in question, and notice their experience, dissolve points of view and reactions. Then when they are actually in that moment, the major inner work is already done. Then each game becomes another opportunity to notice how it goes. New layers that emerge can be processed in the same way.
      In addition to this suggestion (for systematic work ahead of time), I would suggest that they take a moment before they make a move, to pause and do the process in a meditative way. Access the Awareness. Notice the ‘i’ who is playing golf right now. Invite it to dissolve…
      Also, the more your golfers use the Wholeness Process in any/all areas of life, the more completely it will “work” for them in their golfing moments. This is one thing I like about this process. It shifts how we orient in the world in general. We can use any beginning point. If golfing matters to someone, then use that. But along with changing the golf game, if they really use the method over time, it’s going to result in a lot more transformation than just how they play golf. In the same way if your golfers use it with anything and everything else in their life (emotional response to life partner, to children, sleep issues, etc.), they will see the results creeping into their golf game. More clarity. A nice thing no matter what we are doing.

      My sister, Tamara, is interested in working with sports applications, so in the event you would want to consult with someone in more detail, she would be a good person to contact.

  • peter taylor

    July 12, 2014

    Thank you! couldn’t ask for more, absolutely delighted with that answer. I would love to get in touch with Tamara, love and respect

  • Thomas Zelenz

    June 19, 2016

    Regarding meditations that don’t change the mind, where people get up off the mat and everything goes back to the way it was, some people even resist this kind of like not wanting to wake up and get out of bed in the morning; this was one of the buddha’s observations and I think a great contribution, he meditated and meditated and noticed that it didn’t fundamentally change anything. It was only when he allowed his mind to transform that he felt the meditations were worthwhile and was what he encouraged in his students.

    As the case may be, how this is actually accomplished is not so evident in the current buddhist teachings that I am aware of. Calming the mind is great, however, whatever “i”s are dissolved it’s kind of by accident or indirectly. Some teaching even want to avoid the I or ego.

    What is great about the wholeness process, as Connirae indicated, is that it allows you to do it directly, efficiently with allowance, style and grace even (ok, pushing it there a little bit… 🙂 anyway, it allows that transformation to be easily accomplished in a direct, ongoing way that you consciously know how to do and apply, that just keeps getting better and better, deeper and deeper or freer and freer however you want to call it. So thank you Connirae for this breakthrough contribution, thousands of years in the making.

  • Thomas Zelenz

    June 19, 2016

    One further thought…. these days this meditate to feel better approach is often called meditation as medication: once the medicine wears off, one needs to meditate again to hopefully get back that better feeling state, and then tries to defend it against things which seem to lessen or take it away. Another difference with the wholeness process approach is that the integrations are permanent; they are not and do not need to be repeated. This is also a very great thing in my humble opinion.

  • Ann-Nicole Williams

    October 8, 2016

    Thank you Connirae for your work and your presence in your teaching. I am having several ah ha’s in this course..a lovely gentle type nudge, and a little awakening that brings a smile and a peaceful sense of being.

    Blessings and much gratitude,


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