Video 19 –
When it Doesn’t Work

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here is always a way to work with whatever is happening gently, without force. When it isn't going easily, it usually means we need to find another layer of 'I', OR there is a reaction we need to notice and include.

Listen to the discussion of subtle expectations and what to do.



  • Samantha Kifer

    July 17, 2014

    Interesting. I notice that when you ask “where is the ‘I’ who is frustrated?”, that you are not stopping to get details first of the sensations of the frustrated response, and are just going right for the “I”. Any particular reason for this? Can this be a shortcut? And is it only recommended if the person is already familiar with the process of finding “I”s?

    Another thought that occurred to me is that sometimes I get overwhelmed because there are too many separate “I”s happening at once, and I am not able to hone in on a single one. Any thoughts or suggestions in this case?


    • Connirae

      July 23, 2014

      Samantha, to answer your second question first, if sometimes you “get overwhelmed because there are too many separate “i’s” happening at once,” then I would find the “i” that is overwhelmed.
      It’s about working with what’s actually happening in the moment. In the moment the primary experience is being overwhelmed. It’s so easy to be “caught in” what’s actually happening in the moment. We are in it, and we are “unconscious” that we are in it. When we become aware of this, that is happening in the moment, everything shifts, and now we have the possibility of including this pattern as sensation, as life energy. And of course I am speaking of the gentle integration that now can happen.
      Your first question is a great question, but a little more involved for me to answer it in a way that does it justice. I think I am going to defer answering it for now, because I think it works best for most people to explore these relatively simple forms first, without over-thinking it. You seem to have the capacity to do both at once. But for a lot of people it would create confusion and detract from the experience. Which is really quite simple.

  • Prescott

    July 22, 2014

    Agree completely with your thought that our own subtle expectations can get in the way of simply allowing “it” to happen.. which in part is why I’ve added to the possible responses to the invitation to the “i” to “come out & play in the Fuuuuullllnneeess of Awareness” that doing NOTHING is really, truly OK, too.

    Yup, staying separate is absolutely truly all right (awareness of gentle love for “i”) — which often leads to it melting like cotton candy in a light rain anyway.

    To me, truly giving the “i” this gentle loving permission is key for the process working well for me.

    George (there IS NO “other shore”)

    • Connirae

      July 23, 2014

      Hi George. Yes, yes yes. I like how you have put this.:)
      (And definitely no other shore.:)

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