Video 20 –
For Sleep

Learn to sleep easily and naturally
"like a baby".

The majority of adults experience difficulty with sleeping at some time in their lives.

The Wholeness Process is extremely effective with sleep issues of many types. It has helped people with lifelong trouble sleeping to finally get a deep and restful night’s sleep.

Here are some helpful understandings in using the Wholeness Process for sleep:

1. Sleep isn’t what we actually need. What we need is the deep rest that usually only comes with sleep. We need the opportunity to reset the nervous system that happens in sleep.

2. Most people aren’t actually fully relaxed in sleep. This is because as we get older, we acquire increasing numbers of small ‘I’s. These are meant to relax back into awareness when we go to sleep, but most of us have forgotten how to allow that to happen. The Wholeness Process gives us a specific way to notice these unrelaxed ‘I’s, and allow them to dissolve.

3. Because we can do the Wholeness Process no matter what may be “on our mind”, we don’t have to worry about whether we will stay awake or go to sleep. We know that we can do the Wholeness Process in any circumstance, and whether or not we enter physical sleep, we will become deeply relaxed.

4. Start by practicing using the Wholeness Process when you’re awake and can use notes. Once it feels easy to you to do without notes, then you will be able to use it easily when you're drifting off to sleep.

5. Your sleep is likely to continue improving as you use the Wholeness Process over time. If you understand the principles, and are using the process in a way that feels natural to you, without forcing, most likely you will experience significant benefit right way. Your ability to relax deeply even under challenging emotional or outside circumstances increases with practice.

Special Note: If you want to use this process for sleep, the best way is to start with Video #1 (at the beginning of this program) and go through each segment. The sleep segment is not likely to make sense standing alone. Begin by using the Wholeness process during the day, with other issues. Then you will begin to have an unconscious understanding of it, and can use it on your way to sleep in a natural and "effortless" way.


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