Video 25 –
How the Process Developed

In this segment...

Connirae shares how she came to develop the Wholeness Process. Here are some highlights, but you’ll want to watch and listen to her tell it…

In this Segment…

  • Ramana Maharshi’s experience of Awakening.
  • Ramana Maharshi’s Self-Inquiry practice.
  • How the Wholeness Process offers a precise way to do what I think Ramana intended to do.
  • This process also offers a more direct way of doing what Fritz Perls was attempting to do, with gestalt therapy — identifying and integrating inner polarities.

Plus more on why/how the Wholeness Process works universally…

  • We find the contracted ‘I’ in experience (rather than just talking about it or thinking about it conceptually)
  • By finding the location and the sensation quality, we work with direct experience, where it is possible for real change to happen.
  • We are working with process instead of content.
  • We don’t by-pass the inner tensions, the contracted small ‘I’s. Instead we find them and include them.
  • This process doesn’t stop with integrating the ‘I’s. There are other kinds of inner separation we can integrate also. In this way it can go farther than the practice Ramana Maharshi was offering.



  • Karen Haider

    March 5, 2014


    Can you please be more specific — what are “other kinds of inner separation” that we can integrate, other than the “i’s”?

  • Samantha Kifer

    July 17, 2014

    I was just formulating the same question in my mind as I was reading your comment, Karen. I am curious as well as to what is meant by “other kinds of inner separation”?

  • Samantha Kifer

    July 17, 2014

    Watching the next video, by “other kinds of inner separation”, do you mean like an “I” vs a whole “persona” versus a “me”, etc.? I think I get it now.

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