Unit G –
Reclaiming Our
Inner Authority

A different version of
the Wholeness Process.

Tthis format uses principles of the Wholeness Process, but is a significant method in its own right.

You will be able to work with finding your own inner authority, and integrating this as part of the Whole consciousness that is you. When people try to work with authority, it is usually done with content. For example if we find ourselves always seeking approval, we might work with this part of us that wants approval. Or we might try to improve the dialogue with inner voices that are harsh.

With this method we access something that is not reached with other methods. We find the standard-setter itself, and from there, find the "final authority." This is an aspect of experience that is usually deeply unconscious. Yet with this simple method it becomes easy to reach, and also straight-forward to gently integrate.

The Wholeness Process / Unit G – Reclaiming Our Inner Authority