Video 29 –
Reclaiming the Inner
Authority: Discussion

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The different forms the authority can take.

Q: Does it matter if it looks like someone from my past such as a parent?

A: The appearance doesn't matter for this process to work. That is the "content." We shift our attention to the direct experience, i.e. the location and sensation quality.

Q: What if the person is internally referenced, and they feel guilty because they’ve violated their own core values?

A: If we are holding the value as separate from "ourself as Awareness," there will be benefit from integrating it.

When we experience angst over our behaviors, it’s more likely that the authority or value is experienced as separate from us.

When there is no separation between our values and us, we are more likely to spontaneously act out of them. We don't need the "angst" to do that. In fact it's easier to do that without the "angst," which is usually distracting. Holding this "core value" as separate from "us" actually makes us less likely to act in accordance with what we value.

Extra Thoughts—Not on the Video:

In most methods of therapy, when people work with “authority figures," they deal with the particular person. When we use this method, it becomes clear that the particular person is “just content.” Even more significant, when we explore it in our inner world, this person is actually rarely a “final authority." What this means is quite radical.

It means that we’ll never get anywhere significant in trying to resolve our authority issues if we deal at that level. We need to get to the final authority and deal with that, to get resolution. This is what makes the "Reclaiming the Inner Authority" method a breakthrough. It gives us a way of getting to the final authority. We have a way of dealing with this separation in terms of structure rather than content. And we are actually integrating — "coming to wholeness" or "oneness," rather than just teaching different separated aspects of our psyche to get along better.



  • Jennifer deGandt

    March 22, 2014

    This is big stuff Connirae! I will have to do it a number of times. ,I got the Final Authority as Light beams that were radiating and expansive and they felt that they were the fullness of awareness. Hubris? More later. Jennifer

    • Connirae

      April 5, 2014

      Awesome, Jennifer! So fascinating how these things express themselves uniquely in each of us. And commonalities at the same time. A great choice to do it a number of times. For most of us there is increasing benefit/transformation from that. Definitely for me.

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