Video 30 –
The Inner Authority Process

The Steps...

Connirae goes through the steps of the “Inner Authority” exercise. You’ll learn how to…

  • Find the experience of the Authority.
  • How to know you are getting the precise experience of Authority you need in order to get resolution.
  • How to find the chain of authority.
  • How to know if you have reached the “final” authority.
  • The three primary options for integration and how to choose:

i) With all of Awareness
ii) With the previous authority
iii) With the consciousness/awareness centered in me



  • Jennifer deGandt

    March 22, 2014

    Is there a download for these steps?

    • Connirae

      April 5, 2014

      Yes, look with Video 28 for the handout on the Reclaiming Inner Authority process. It’s always with the demonstration video.

  • Samantha Kifer

    July 18, 2014

    When I did this process, I had a bit of difficulty connecting/associating to the starting feeling. Do you have any suggestions for what to do when you can’t seem to connect to the original feeling, but you know you have it in a particular context because it’s been a pattern in your life? I eventually grabbed on to something and developed it with sensation quality, but it seemed like I was kind of making it up. I was able to go through each authority and integrate that with the original feeling, but I am not so sure this will be helpful in the future context if I wasn’t able to strongly associate to the feeling from the start. Is this making sense? I look forward to any feedback on this.

    • Connirae

      July 23, 2014

      Yes, your question makes a lot of sense. And you are not unusual in this. Most of us have this experience in regard to something in our life. Because we try to protect ourselves from unpleasant experience, and the most common way of doing this is to avoid experiencing it. The nice thing about this process is that you don’t have to “bring up” anything that isn’t there. I advise my clients to turn inward with the intention of working with a particular issue or experience. To create a welcoming space for it to emerge. And then just notice whatever is there. You don’t have to do it “all at once” – whatever that might mean. You may be working with some protective layers first, integrating them, and the related authorities. Whatever you work with will be at minimum a good start – good groundwork.
      Then you may find it useful to return to the same issue at a later time, and find out what emerges now when you make space for it. Does anything more show up?
      Your ongoing life is also likely to “remind” you if there is more to integrate. If the “future context” reveals more is here to integrate, then you will be in a better position to take the “next step.”
      What needs to be “met” or “integrated” will show up at the right time, and in its own natural order, when we make the space for it.
      Hope this helps a little. These kinds of sequencing things I’m planning to do more teaching about when i start doing longer trainings.

  • Danny Cohen

    July 17, 2015

    I had an experience yesterday using the inner authority process around some shame that came up from me. It turned out to be quite powerful and involved quite a bit of emotional discharge – releasing breaths, crying, coughing, and then leaving me in quite an emotionally raw state. I’ve had some of those results a number of times now, which tells me that something is really being released, but I’m curious how normal that is and what other feedback you might have.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Connirae

      July 26, 2015

      Hi Danny, thank you for sharing this. Experiencing emotional discharge is part of the process for a lot of people, but not everyone. Often the ‘i’s (and the authority configuration) formed, in part, as an attempt to deal with or manage these raw emotions. At the same time, they actually hold these emotions in place in unresolved form. So when we do the Wholeness Work, as the ‘i’s and authority configurations release and integrate, we have the opportunity to also “integrate” what you’re describing as “raw emotion.”
      The main guiding principle I can offer is to be aware of several things… 1) That this releasing process is a part of the healing integration. The more this happens the more there is an inner freedom, peaceful presence, and nothing that has to be avoided. 2) When the emotions arise, discover if it is possible, AS AWARENESS to easily experience the emotions, AS SENSATION. When we do it this way, we lose track of the name or meaning of the emotion. We lose track even of it is raw or not raw. All of this is fine, and all can be experienced as sensation.
      I think you already are letting it unfold in this way, Danny. And that is good.
      My own experience is that there are phases to this work. Some people begin without much emotional release, then once outer layers of control are released, they are able to access and integrate more emotions. Others might notice emotional release happening early on, and once these emotions are integrated, there is a healing shift. There is increasing OKness with the fact that we are human beings with an emotional range which we can allow ourselves to directly experience. At the same time the “good/bad” aspect of emotions, and even much of the “raw” aspect, is actually created by ‘i’s and by judgment. So as these are more integrated, the experience of peaceful presence becomes more stable and our experience of emotions is different – milder in one sense – less attached – yet “juicier” in another.

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