Video 31 –
"I" vs. Authority

Discussion of the Authority Exercise


Do you ever integrate the ‘I’ with the Authority?

  • Is the ‘I’ ever the same as the Authority? (Connirae shares example from her clients.)
  • The difference between the ‘I’ and the Authority: The ‘I’ is how I perceive myself. The Authority is categorized as “not me.”
  • How do you decide what to integrate first? What integrates with what?
  • More about working with individual clients — structuring and sequencing sessions.
  • The value of continued practice. The benefits are inevitable if you do the practice over time!
  • Includes section re: possibility of having group support online.


1 Comment

  • Samantha Kifer

    July 18, 2014

    I would love to have an online support group! I find facebook groups work well for this kind of thing unless others are not on facebook, of course.

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