Video 38 –
Integrating What’s
Missing: Demonstration


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Demonstration: Integrating
"What's Missing."

Most of us on some level feel we are missing something. We may seek what we’re missing from a significant other in our lives. “If I can be loved by him/her, I’ll be complete.”

We hope that if we have this partner we’ll feel complete. If we already have a partner, we might feel fearful of losing that person. Or we might be disillusioned with our current partner and hope that if we change partners we’ll finally have the completion we’re seeking.

This segment guides us in an exercise that has made a difference for many people in having a sense of wholeness within, that becomes the foundation for healthy relationships.


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  • Samantha Kifer

    July 19, 2014

    Wow! This seemed to be a really powerful integration for this woman. I would be so curious to know what she notices is different in her life now that she has had this profound kinesthetic shift.

The Wholeness Process / Unit I / Video 38 – Integrating What's Missing: Demonstration